The First Kiss

This weekend brought the first kiss of frost to the area. Things are going to start to move quickly now. Autumn colors are about to explode. You can already see it happening.

The marshes are filling with life. Yesterday morning’s visit was incredible. The frost stretched out across the surface of the marsh. The cold dawn air was biting. It seemed that everything was anxious for the sun to rise above the mountain and spread its warmth across the wetlands. Once it did, the sound of geese and ducks was everywhere. Northern Harriers hunted above the dried marsh grass. A distant call of a red-tailed hawk sliced through the cold morning air. Songbirds were jumping from bush to bush, feeding on the berries that clung to the branches that are now loosing their leaves. I felt alive again, awakened from my corporate office malaise.

The heart of autumn is on its way and with it will come the sights and sounds of dry leaves scattering in the colder October winds. Skeins of southbound geese will be calling from high overhead. The smell of the wet leaves will rise from the forest floor, followed by the first scent of wood smoke from a neighbor’s chimney. Then will come the lonely howl of the winds moving high through the leafless forest.

It will be November and activities will move indoors. There will be thoughts of a roasting turkey and thoughts of cranberry dressing, there will be the sound of a football game in the next room, and there will be relaxation in the warmth found indoors – sheltered from the cold on the other side of the steamed windows.

Change is happening now, and it was just encouraged with a kiss.

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