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The First Bird of the Season

The three H’s were the order of the day, hot, humid and hazy, as Fred spotted the first bird of the season, a broad-wing. It followed the ridge behind us above the trees. It was accompanied by a local red tail. The two didn’t seem to appreciate sharing the same air space and some aerial combat ensued as the broad-wing dove at the red-tail, but soon the broad-wing continued moving south alone.

The sight of these hawks migrating is so fascinating to me.  I wish that I could put my finger on why that is. I want to say that they look majestic, but that would be trite.

The sight would be so much less if the hawks called out, like a flock of geese, as they flew overhead but they don’t. They move in silence and I think that’s part of it. They circle and move with wings set wide, completely indifferent to those of us standing on the rock looking up. It is their indifference, I think. It’s their knowing that they will do as they please independent of anything we may say or do that is part of my fascination. It puts us in our place. The forces that are in motion in this world will have their way independent of our opinions, our arguing,  or even our notice. Something about me likes that. Something about me likes that a lot.


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