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Another day at the hawk watch and another day without seeing a Golden Eagle. Dang! Things aren’t looking hopeful. Well, it was a long shot anyway, but still …  as Tom says, “Anything can happen at any time.” so there is still hope.

What a gorgeous day to be at the hawk watch. Gone is the heat and humidity that greeted the start of the hawk watching season and gone is the snow from last weekend. We were left with an absolutely perfect early November day. The air was cool and crisp with the sun was shining bright (although its mid-August strength has abated). It was a perfect autumn day!

I learned today that one golden eagle has already been observed at the hawk watch this fall. I didn’t know that. The records show that Pete observed and immature golden eagle on October 28th. As for me…… I’m still lookin’…. Patience and perseverance…. Patience and perseverance……


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