Sometimes It’s The Skinks

If all goes well, a visit to a hawk watch will provide many good looks of soaring hawks as they make their way south. But sometimes the hawks aren’t flying. Sometimes things get a little slow.

Black Rat Snake

One of the benefits of hanging around the hawk watch is the chance to learn from people who know more about the outdoors and nature. When the hawks aren’t flying and things slow down, it’s just a matter of time until somebody spots some kind of critter.

Walking Stick

Some of them are critters that you want to see up close and some are critters that well … maybe not so much. But it always seems to be interesting.

A blue tailed skinks put in an appearance on the rock with us yesterday. It was very patient and accommodating as it posed for pictures and close looks by all who were interested. The tail of the skinks is an amazing color of blue and turns out to be a survival mechanism. It draws the attention of a predator away from the main body of the skinks and will break off when grabbed. The skinks can then escape and hide under some rock or log while the predator is still trying to figure out what is happening with the wiggling severed tail it has hold of. Over time the tail will grow back or regenerate.

So the lesson this time is that you never know what will happen on a trip to the hawk watch. Sometimes it’s about the hawks, and sometimes it’s about the skinks.

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