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I have noticed that there are moments in life when the normal rules of physics don’t seem to apply. You know what I’m talking about, right? This doesn’t just happen to me, does it?

I’m talking about those odd moments that catch you off guard and make you pause and ask, “What just happened here?” Have you ever noticed that sometimes it takes you longer to drive to a place than it does to drive back, even though you are traveling on the same roads? Weird! Have you noticed that the more birthdays that you have the shorter the time is between them? Odd! And how about this one…. eat a brownie – gain a pound. That one is COMPLETELY unfair!!!

I’m not smart enough to know what causes these little hiccups in the time/space continuum. Maybe we occasionally slip into an interstellar wormhole. Apparently that kind of thing can happen based on some movies I’ve seen. Whatever the cause, I think that I’ve found another one of these little …. abnormalities.

I know that this is going to sound strange, but each year when we get to this stage of the hawk watching season, I could swear that the road up to the Wildcat Ridge hawk watch gets longer and longer. It’s longer now than it was in August by at least a hundred yards. No make that two hundred yards. No, check that. Make it a half a mile.  I’m not exaggerating here. You have to trust me on this. By my calculations I have walked that road over fifteen times this season and I am sure that it has grown right before my eyes and under my aging, aching legs.

If you’ve never walked the road, I can tell you a bit about what it’s like.

Road to Wildcat Ridge Hawk Watch in New Jersey

Heartbreak Ridge

After passing the old yellow gate, there is a rather long steep climb up the mountain. Just when you think you can’t take it anymore, the road levels out and to your horror you see that the road now goes downhill. Downhill for goodness sakes! All of the elevation that you worked so hard for is immediately given back. You could almost cry. I call this place “Heartbreak Ridge”.

Road to Wildcat Ridge Hawk Watch in New Jersey

Sand Flats

After descending down from Heartbreak Ridge you will eventually reach a place I like to call the “Sand Flats”. This is an area where the hard crunching gravel gives way to some nice soft, sandy soil. It is a welcome change from the shifting unstable gravel that you have been walking on up to this point.

Road to Wildcat Ridge Hawk Watch in New Jersey

The Fork

After the Sand Flats you will come to “The Fork” which is where an old road cuts off to the right.

Road to the Wildcat Ridge Hawk Watch in New Jersey

Path to the Hawk Watch

Directional Sign for Wildcat Ridge Hawk Watch in New Jersey

Directional Sign to the Wildcat Ridge Hawk Watch

After The Fork you follow the road, up, down and up again until once again you think that you can’t take it anymore. It is at this point that you see the trail that will take you to the hawk watch.

The road to the hawk watch is approximately one mile long. That is, it’s one mile long in August. In October, after having walked the road numerous times, I promise you that the road has grown and grown and grown.

So that is how you get up to the hawk watch. There is, of course, another way. You could become an official hawk counter in which case your trip to the hawk watch looks something like this.

Road to the Wildcat Ridge Hawk Watch in New Jersey

The Easy Way to the Hawk Watch


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