Odd Man Out

Broad-Winged Hawks at Wildcat Ridge Hawk Watch in New Jersey

Have you ever felt like the odd man out? It is an odd sensation and not a pleasant one either.

After the tension of the last two days, the Broad-winged hawks arrived at Wildcat Ridge Hawk Watch today, 2631 of them to be exact. Looking back at the records, this is the second highest single day count since 2002 . It was an excellent day, an exceptional day. Clearly anyone who views these numbers will quickly conclude that we’ve had the best day of the season ….. anyone, except me. There is something inside that seems to be telling me that this is not the season’s highpoint. There is something inside that seems to be saying, “The big day of the season ……….. this isn’t it”.  It’s not rational. It’s not logical. It can’t be argued. It’s just there inside of me echoing “This isn’t it”.

Maybe I’ll be proven wrong. Maybe today was the season’s highpoint. Maybe, but I don’t think so. I think something else is coming. I don’t know what it will be or what form it may come in, but I think that something else is coming.

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