A Morning Slumber

It’s a Saturday morning and the damp cool air drifting in through the bedroom window stirs me. Within moments I know there won’t be any falling back to sleep for me. The night’s rest is over.

I begin to move under the blankets that have kept me warm throughout the night. The aches and stiffness that seem to accompany aging instantly make themselves known. There’s no escaping them anymore. They will be part of my mornings from this point on.

The gray subdued light outside the window reminds me of the weatherman’s forecast, overcast and rain for the entire weekend. There’s no need to rush. There’s no place to go, not in the rain.  A lost autumn weekend. So discouraging.

I adjust my pillow and find a new position where I can lay quietly a few minutes longer. There is silence outside the window now. A few distant crows are all that can be heard. The mornings filled with the activity of so many songbirds are over. Now I am struck by the stillness on the other side of the pane of glass. It seems like such loss.

September is at its end. We are well into autumn now. The wave of Broad-Winged hawks has moved through. More hawks, falcons and eagles follow behind them. The songbirds are missing now too. The air is cool, and there is a hint of autumn color in the trees. It seems like life is draining from the area. It can’t be stopped.

I glance at my clock, but there’s no need to heed it. There’s no place to go, no plans, nothing of necessity that needs to be done, no real reason to get out of bed for a time yet. I lay motionless and consider the loss of the weekend. There is a new dampness in the air coming in through the window and the sound of rain falling into the trees. I sink deeper into my bed. A lost weekend.

In the distance I begin to notice a new sound. It’s distant at first, but grows louder and draws closer. It’s a flock of Canada geese with their unmistakable honking as they fly. They grow louder until they pass directly over the roof and fly on. And now my heart is pounding. Excitement wells up inside of me again. With the coming of the geese comes the images of the marshes in the weeks ahead. The marshes will explode with wildlife: geese, ducks, harriers and so much more. The possibilities will be endless. A hunger to be out there instantly overwhelms me. It’s not just that I want to be out there, I need to be out there. One way or another, I am going to be out there. Out there to witness it for myself. I am excited again. I’m anxious for it all to begin. It’s going to be awesome and I know it.

My legs swing over the side of my bed. I’ve found my reason to start my day. The showers will pass, the sun will break through again and when it does, I am going to be ready for the show.

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